Improve your breathing & posture: 6 Top Tips

Our woodwind specialist Miss Amelia demonstrates her top 6 tips on how to improve posture and create better breathing habits for woodwind players.

Tip #1 - Sit up tall
Tip #2 - Both feet flat on the floor
Tip #3 - Sit still
Tip #4 - Taking a surprise breath
Tip #5 - Fill your tummy before your chest
Tip #6 - Exhaling using a steady stream of air

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4 Tips to the best guitar tone possible

Our guitar teacher Mr Sam shows us his top 4 tips on how to get clear, healthy, and precise notes on the guitar.

Tip #1 - Use correct posture
Tip #2 - Positioning your fingers on the fretboard
Tip #3 - How to tune your guitar
Tip #4 - Practise, practise, practise!

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Better breathing: How It can help your singing!

Our vocal coach Miss Maggie explains her no. 1 breathing exercise to help anyone with their singing and confidence!

1. Starting position
2. Introducing the Square Breath
3. Demonstration
4. Where & how to perform this exercise

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5 tips - How to hold the drumsticks

Mr Max explains his top 5 tips on how to hold the sticks and achieve the best results with them, whilst maximising efficiency.

Tip #1 - Finding the fulcrum of the stick
Tip #2 - How to hold the stick
Tip #3 - Supporting your fulcrum using your last 3 fingers
Tip #4 - Mirror exercise
Tip #5 - Letting the stick do the work

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2 tips to improve your piano posture

Miss Wendy explains how to practice great posture and develop good habits whilst sitting at the piano!

Tip #1 - Set up your seat square to the piano
Tip #2 - Feet flat on the floor
Tip #3 - Resist the urge to cross your ankles
Tip #4 - How to position your hands
Tip #5 - Use a coin to improve your stability
Tip #6 - For little people, use a cushion

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