About Us


Soul Music Studios PTY LTD is a musical education company based on the Northside of Brisbane. It is a state of the art music facility for all ages and musical levels. We are Proud to be a place for people to come and grow as musicians.

Soul Music Studios stands out above the rest because we are open for absolutely everybody. There are classes for young, old, special needs, those starting out and those who are experienced. All teachers are passionate about music and have been in the musical industry for many years. They are able to provide the best musical coaching on the Northside of Brisbane.

With a minimum of 6 studio rooms for individual lessons and a large open area for small dance and group classes Soul Music Studios has it all. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction which is why we make sure that all parents are involved in their child’s growth as well as making sure that all and any questions, problems or issues are dealt with in a timely and professional manner.

Our Mission

Our mission here Soul Music Studios is to provide our students with the best musical teaching facility possible. A safe and encouraging space for all musically inclined people to come and learn and become the best they can be. It is important that all our students feel comfortable and welcome when they walk in our doors. We aim to provide each and every student with the training, encouragement and dedication they need to further their skills. It is important to all of us at Soul Music Studios that every student leaves their lessons feeling accomplished and happy.

Chédene Broderick (Founder)

Chédene Broderick has had some amazing experiences within the entertainment industry. Starting at a young age singing and dancing she found herself performing in a wide variety of shows with a number of well known artists. With the burning desire of creating her own music and performances worldwide, Chédene is determined to now turn her dreams into reality. Having worked tirelessly with Wernher Pramschufer of Great Music, her debut album “100% ME” is a culmination of her youth, thoughts, enthusiasm and brilliance!

While still a young artist, Chédene has the belief that at any age, there are things to be learnt and discovered. She uses her own life experiences as her motivation and inspiration as a canvas for her creativity.

Chédene has grown up around so many different styles and genres of music that she does not simply sing one genre. Artists that have inspired Chédene include Pink, Journey, Seal, Katy Perry, Evanescence, Beyoncé, Eva Cassidy, Adele and Celine Dion.

Using the years of experience as a performer, Chédene has based her original works around these different influences and genres combining them into her own style. Chédene has always believed in trying something new and enjoys the challenge of bringing to light some new and amazing sounds to her performances.

Whilst following her own dreams of being a recording artist Chédene found joy in teaching and helping other artists achieve their goals with their music and singing. She started her own small Vocal coaching business called Chédene Byrne Music in Gladstone which grew beyond her wildest dreams. Whilst teaching vocals Chédene found that a lot of her students struggled with confidence and self esteem so she decided to add this to her business plan.  Chédene Byrne Music grew into a Vocal, performance, confidence and self esteem coaching business.

After relocating back to Brisbane Chédene decided to aim that little bit higher and open a music facility that would cater to everyone young and old. With this goal in mind she has opened Soul Music Studios, a place that is available to absolutely everybody. With the goal of helping anyone and everyone with their musical goals. Chédene’s belief is that you should always do what makes you happy. No matter what anyone else says.

“Being told that you won’t or can’t make it in something that makes you happy, should fuel the desire within yourself to prove that they are wrong. If I had given up when I was told I was not good enough or when I didn’t win a competition, I wouldn’t be the strong willed artist I am today”. These are just some of the statements made by Chédene over the past decade!



“I could not recommend these guys highly enough. Very professional, yet warm and welcoming. Finally found someone who would take on a 5 year old for singing lessons. They have made it a fun, relaxing environment for both parents and children to learn and enjoy music. Chedene you have done an amazing job and Ben, Nik loves you and loves going every week and getting his weekly vocal exercises. Thanks guys..”

Mrs Robyn Bell

“Amazing teacher - Ms Amelia, Spacious venue for a musical experience.”

Mr Navin Kumar