Mrs. Amelia Crawfoot

Amelia believes that as an educator it is critical to treat all students with equality, regardless of age, gender, nationality and intellectual ability. Amelia also believes it is very important to tailor the way in which she teaches a concept, and to understand it from a student’s point of view. With patience and understanding it is possible to get to the heart of how students learn and in hand help them reach their goals.

Amelia prides herself in her ability to make her students feel important, respected, believed in, encouraged, supported and challenged so that they are able to reach their full potential. Amelia believes strongly in teaching each individual student as just that, an individual. “There are many things I get my students to do, reinforce, check and repeat but without patience, standards and individual responsibility for my student’s and myself, I believe they can’t grow.”

Amelia is a big believer in going above and beyond the scope of her teaching duties which makes her stand out above most. She is a strong believer in dedication and inspiration for not only her students but also for herself. “My goal for the future is to continually reflect on my practice as an educator with a view to improve my technique, tools, mindset and experiences.”