Miss Anabel Florenciano

Miss Anabel is a professional vocalist and experienced performer across a range of different genres. Discovering her love of music at a young age, Anabel persued many different musical avenues throughout her schooling life, including vocal performance which she began at the age of 12.

After graduating high school, Anabel went straight on to study a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Music at QUT, which she completed in 2020. Following her studies, Anabel began performing solo gigs, accompanying herself with guitar at a range of different bars and restaurants around Brisbane. This is  something which she still loves to take on in her spare time. As well as performing, Anabel also enjoys song-writing, and is currently working on her own original music, soon to be released.

Anabel loves a diverse range of musical styles. Although her favourite genres include rock, metal and indie, she also greatly appreciates and has experience performing in other genres such as jazz, pop, folk and soul.

Anabel has a huge passion for all things music and singing, and believes it is incredibly important to share her passion and skills with those who also find joy in music and finding their voice. Anabel believes that everyone has their own unique voice and deserves the confidence to showcase this, which is why she strives to harness the vocal and musical skills and confidence in each of her students.