Kinder Beat

Soul Music Studios is dedicated to the creative development of children. Our aim is to bring music back into the community, starting with the most important people; our children!

The Kinder Beat program utilises ground-breaking early childhood education principles and introduces young children to music in a way that stimulates all their senses. It features many activities that children of the 21st century need for brain development and acceleration. Suitable for students aged from two to four & a half years, the level of creativity and essential musical foundations can be seen on every page and heard on every sound track.

Focus Activities
These include:

  • Musical games and improvisation
  • Singing songs, rhymes and solfa/solfege
  • Movement, dance and gesture
  • Rhythm, beat and metre
  • Percussion playing (tuned and untuned)
  • Listening, reflecting and responding
  • Story-telling and mime
  • Piano/Keyboard playing (Level 3)
  • Reading (iconic and traditional notation)
  • Ensemble playing
  • Coordinating with streamers, rainbow ring and parachute