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Welcome to Soul Music Studios. A state of the art Music School located in Strathpine on Brisbane's Northside. With State of the art equipment and highly skilled and qualified teachers, Soul Music Studios offers only the best when it comes to your musical education. From kids to adults you are never to old to start. Whether it be for pleasure or accredited examinations the team at Soul Music Studios can cater to your needs. Feel free to visit our amazing facility and have a chat with our friendly staff about how we can assist you with your music enquiries.

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Bringing top industry experience to Brisbane

At Soul Music Studios we pride ourselves on our ability to offer the best when it comes to our teachers and their amazing skills. All of our teachers have been in the musical industry for many years and have also had years of experience teaching and helping students grow and reach their goals.

It is important to us at Soul Music Studios that any student to walk through our door feels welcomed and special and is able to reach their full potential. From beginners to experienced musicians, special needs, young or old and even little cherubs. We cater to absolutely everybody. It is important that anyone who wants to learn has the opportunity to do so in an encouraging and welcoming environment.

Ensure you are getting the absolute best in musical coaching

It is always important that when learning music of any genre or style you are being coached in a way that is right for you. No one student is the same when it comes to learning the skills of music. We all have our own styles and our own way of learning.

So here at Soul Music Studios we embrace this diversity and teach accordingly making sure that everyone gets the best musical education to suit their specific style and needs. It is always important that students feel comfortable while learning and that they also understand all the information they are being given. Our teachers strive to make sure that these things happen.

When it comes to learning & practicing sometimes we need that extra little push to get us going. Here at Soul Music Studios we are constantly developing new incentive programs to encourage our students to practice and in hand get better with their skills.

Creativity for Kids

Soul Music Studios is dedicated to the creative development of children. Our aim is to bring music back into the community, starting with the most important people; our children!

The Kinder Beat program utilises ground-breaking early childhood education principles and introduces young children to music in a way that stimulates all their senses. It features many activities that children of the 21st century need for brain development and acceleration. Suitable for students aged from two to four & a half years, the level of creativity and essential musical foundations can be seen on every page and heard on every sound track.

Focus Activities:

• Musical games and improvisation
• Singing songs, rhymes and solfa/solfege
• Movement, dance and gesture
• Rhythm, beat and metre
• Percussion playing (tuned and untuned)
• Listening, reflecting and responding
• Story-telling and mime
• Reading (iconic and traditional notation)
• Ensemble playing
• Coordinating with streamers, rainbow ring and parachute

Bring Soul to your Community

A personal and professional development program that explores identity through a series of masterclasses and creative experiences. Many people talk about personal branding, visual identity however, relates to self-exploration and a depth to creating and portraying our image.

We believe in empowering creativity; inspiring others to be their own movement. A great vision motivates, and creates a sense of belonging.
Understanding what that looks like is a key to unlocking potential.

To be a channel and connection for authentic, accessible creative experiences that allow people to take identity to a new level: visually, creatively, musically.

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